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My NEW food rules!!

April 30, 2013
My new food rules!

Before biggest loser I had 3 food rules:

1.What make a good thing better:: Add bacon!

2.What makes a good thing better:: Add cheese!!

3.What make a good thing better:: Deep Fry it!!


My  15 new food rules after Biggest Loser:

These are the rules I followed to lose 108 Pounds!! I never broke one rule or had a single cheat! With discipline you can do it to and get amazing results!! I have been told that 80 percent is diet, 10 percent exercise, and 10 percent genetics! I believe it, you can totally win this battle by controlling what you put in your mouth! I feel so good about life and the physical changes I have made, and the way it has positively effected my family. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels to feed them right! I want you to feel it too!!!! To know the true  joy of it like I do!! Decide to eat healthy! Come along with me and truly live your life for the first time! I am so glad it did! You will never regret it!! Start making powerful eating choices right now, do what you can, follow the rules you can RIGHT NOW, then add more as you can!


1. Eat 5 or 6 small meals everyday. 150-350 calories at a time! Never exceeding your calorie budget for the day!

2. Eat every 2 to 3 hours.

3. Food Pair:: Always eat a lean protein and a complex carb at every meal.

4. Drink your water!! 3-4 liters a day! I only drink water, hot tea and black coffee.

5. Never skip a meal, especially breakfast.

6. Carry a cooler loaded with your food for the day. Never get stuck! NO EXCUSES!!! (I will post about My Box soon!!)

7. Avoid ALL over processed, refined foods…especially white flour and sugar!

8. Eat healthy fats! you need fat! No saturated or trans fats.

9. NO alcohol….it is sugar!

10. Just STAY AWAY from calorie packed foods that have no nutritional value! Do NOT even open the door!! DON’T EVEN TASTE!!!!!!

11. Eat lots and LOTS of vegetables and fruits!

12. ALWAYS measure your portion sizes! don’t guess, you only cheat yourself!

13. If you put it in your mouth track it! I am all about the calorie counting!! Food Journal. I use my FitnessPal.

14. Eat  breads and Starches at beginning of the day, NONE after lunch!

15. NEVER ever eat after 7:30 pm!! Close down the kitchen….if it becomes a battle, JUST GO TO BED!!


Clean out you kitchen!! Make your home a safe place with ONLY healthy food choices. You will be amazed at the effect it will have on your entire family!! We are feeling stronger than ever! Join us……You will be glad you did!!!

20130430-214101.jpgTop Picture was taken in July just a month before I went to the Biggest Loser Ranch. The bottom Picture was taken the day after Finale!!What a difference 6 months make!!

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Excuses!! Excuses!! Excuses!!

April 18, 2013
Before and after Rambo Family photo

For most of my life I have been know as a girl who lives out loud and loves the Lord!! For most my life I have struggled with a weight problem that I pretended did not exist!! It wasn’t until recently that I started realizing just how closely those two things are  tied together. God had given me this body and I was not doing such a great job taking care of it. With four amazing kids, a church planting pastor Husband, classes to teach, and things to do who has time to diet? NOT ME!!

I was always looking for the quick fix, Gonna start tomorrow. I was constantly starting the latest fad diet on Monday…Only to find tomorrow never really came and there is nothing magic about Monday’s. Every time I thought about dieting I cringed. I had traveled  down that road many, many times and it had never finished well. Nope dieting wasn’t for me and if anyone asked why, I had a list of excuses, including my top 10::

10.God Loves Me just the way that I am!! (while I believe this is true, I know He loves me too much to leave me this way.)

9. I am pleasantly Plump or Fat and happy…..

8.I am big Boned.

7. I have no willpower!!  (I always forget that….I can do all thing through Him who gives me strength!!)

6.I have NO time…. (While I make time for everything else.)

5.I am happy with myself!…(Happy/Content… or Unwilling to change.)

4. I am good enough, I am smart enough and gosh darn it people like me!! ……(so its ok?)

3. My husband loves me and tells me I am beautiful, and I know he means it…….. (even if I have a hard time believing it.)

2.At least I am not……(Comparison is the work of the deceiver keeping us from reaching our full potential!!)

1. I CAN NOT DO THIS AGAIN!! I have tried before and failed. I  just CAN’T!!!!!!

As a result of these excuses, and many more, I found myself in the worst shape of my life; not knowing where to go or what to do. I was able to accomplish so much in life but this one thing, my weight, I just kept struggling with.  I knew it was beyond time to change and I could no longer ignore this pull on my heart . You see I knew years before I made it to the Biggest Loser Ranch that I was going to go. So glad I never gave up and pursued my dream of being a contestant on the Biggest Loser. It had been an amazing ride and it has only just begun!!!!

So what was it I learned on the Ranch, How do you go about changing DECADES of bad habits? What is the key? Ironically, I found it to be so simple:: all you have to do is DECIDE.


That’s is it. It’s so uncomplicated, really. The decision to lose weight is half the battle. Once the decision is made, your mind tells your body what to do, and your Spirit starts to run this race…..Watch out!!!  October 2013 I decided to lose weight, and I gained so much more in the process. My hope is as I start to blog about who I am, the things learned, the mistakes I made, my struggles, the tricks and tips I use, my wins, the things I eat, exercises I love and the ones I love to hate, that they will motivate and inspire you to come to a decision of your own. May God bless your journey.