April 5, 2016

Truth be Told 2!I WILL become a healthier eater.

I’ve DECIDED this was a great time for cleaning out the system after a season of slacking off. 

It’s often said that no one diet works for every individual. While this is true, you may have noticed that almost all eating plans or “diets” appeal to a similar goal: Eat more natural, whole foods and less junk. That’s because there is no secret to success. Diet and Exercise Actually WORK!! There are strategies that can lead to variety of benefits, but 99% of the goal of eating healthy is to minimize junk and get your diet to consist of real whole food. 

This is why I have decided to go processed food free for the month of April!! 

To get back in the game!!! You should also find that by making your transition gradually, the road to healthy eating is pretty easy. Here is a great way to START::

 Week 1    

Just simply:: CUT THE JUNK!! Eliminate junk food from your diet. That’s it, just the junk. Other than that focus on doing your best to eat real whole foods!! The definition of junk is obvious stuff, like potato chips, candy, ice cream, cake, fast food, JUNK etc. You may be stricter if you’d like, but for Week 1, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just stay AWAY for convince foods . For many of you, this step alone will reap huge benefits. M

 And…..Drink your Water. Not swimming in it, though that’s good too, but staying hydrated with it. “They” say you should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, but I say you should drink more. Shoot for a gallon (though don’t worry if you fall short). Yeah, that probably seems crazy but almost all of us walk around dehydrated for most of our lives, which not only hurts the way we function but also makes us hungry when we’re actually thirsty. A glass of water when you feel hunger pangs both staves them off and helps you fill up faster when you do eat. As for other drinks, juices and sugary sodas also (obviously) fall into the junk category. And alcohol should be kept to a minimum. We tend to forget (purposely or not) that alcohol has a lot of empty calories. It also lowers our resolve and generally leads to compromise in you eating!!! 
So that’s that!! This next week we will get a bit tougher!! I will start food journaling this week!!! Here we goo!! 
So my results week 1:: 182.0. Down 3 pounds!! 


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